About Us

One Love Tea was created in 2010 with a dream to promote a healthy lifestyle starting with teas and herbs as an alternative drink to other unhealthy drinks in the market today.  Joanna Minton spent over 12 years working in a pharmacy watching people year after year become more and more medicated.  She began to see that so many people were taking medications to counter act other medications, this was heartbreaking. Over many years she studied the health benefits of herbs as an herbalist.  Starting in 2010 at a local farmers market in Irvine the first booth was set up and it hasn't stopped since.  The following year her husband Bryon Minton had come up with the new Tea Infuser Bottle which makes tea on the go and it has become very popular and makes brewing loose leaf tea fast and simple.  



We hope you enjoy One Love Tea as much as we enjoy providing our blends to you. 



Here's to your Health and Happiness, keep drinking Tea!